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  The Japanese Association for The Surgery of Trauma
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I would like to say a few words as representative on behalf of all members of JAST.

As defined in our articles of incorporation, our society is working to "help Japanese citizens maintain good health and save their lives while contributing to the progress and development of traumatology and the related fields by collecting, providing, and exchanging information on traumatology." To be specific, we are engaged in a variety of activities, such as hosting academic conferences and general meetings, issuing scholarly journals, establishing and maintaining a specialist certification system, planning and modifying the way organ damage is classified, designing and promoting a trauma registry system, editing and revising the trauma initial diagnosis guidelines JATEC, and supporting multi-institutional research.

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The 33th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Association for the Surgery of Trauma

Date: June 7, 2019(Thursday) to June 8, 2019(Friday)
President: Akihide Kon
City: Hachinohe

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