The Japanese Association for The Surgery of Trauma
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from 2008.10.1

message from Chair of the board

The Japanese Association for Surgery of Trauma (JAST) has been working to help Japanese citizens maintain good health and save their lives, in addition to furthering the progress and development of traumatology and related fields by collecting, providing, and exchanging information on traumatology. Moreover, we are engaged in a variety of committee activities such as hosting academic conferences and general meetings, issuing scholarly journals, establishing and maintaining a trauma expert certification system, planning and modifying the organ injury classifications, designing and promoting a trauma registry system, editing and revising the Japan Advanced Trauma Evaluation and Care (JATEC) guidelines and Japan Expert Trauma Evaluation and Care (JETEC) guidelines combined with their training course, and supporting multi-institutional research.

Although the number of fatalities caused by traffic accidents has been decreasing in recent years, more than 22,000 people die from external injuries due to all causes annually. It is estimated that 1.2 million people are hospitalized per year. In addition, the relatively young generation often sustains external injuries. Without such injuries, they are likely to live longer and largely contribute to Japanese society. Thus, providing optimal medical care for trauma patients to keep them in good health is highly important. For this purpose, the prompt response by emergency medical services and multimodal involvement of surgical specialties are required for the management of trauma patients. As surgical specialties have been increasing due to medical advances, there are many problems with the trauma care system and trauma research. However, our society members must overcome these problems and guarantee the quality of total trauma management. Our society is striving to promote the development of the clinical research field while enhancing the quality of trauma care in Japan by supporting the members who are working to achieve this goal.

We believe that providing information on our website is a very important aspect of our work. If you have any opinions regarding our operations, please feel free to let us know. We would greatly appreciate your understanding of our mission described here and your cooperation with our activities.
The Japanese Association for The Surgery of Trauma
Chair of the board, Akio Kimura, MD, PhD

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